10 Things you will know about Milan Italy

Milan Italy is not all about trendy shops and designer clothes, a lot of things to do like historic sites, architectural buildings, museums, monuments and statues, nature and parks.

Here are the 10 things you will know about Milan Italy.

  1. Milan Roman name was Mediolanum. Emperor Augustus made Milan the capital of Transpadania region including the town of Como,Bergamo, Pavia, Lodi Emperor Augustus
  2. December 7, is a holiday of Milan Sant’ Ambrogio (Italian words) the Milan Patron towards Christianity issued by Constantine the Great. Many  churches were built and the first bishop was St. Ambrose was appointed. He was such an influential person , the church became the Ambrosian church.San Ambrosio
  3. Churches in Milan are San Lorenzo,San Ambrogio, San Eustorgio, Duomo Cathedral, Sant Maria del Carmine, Chiesa di Santa Maria Presso
    Doumo Cathedral
    Duomo Di Milano massive Gothic Cathedral and artworks

    Duomo Cathedral

    Basilica Saint Eustorgio
    Basilica Saint Eustorgio the Portinari Chapel with the tomb of Saint Peter Martyr by Giovanni di Balduccio and dated 1339
  4. In 1117 Milan became a municipality after a series of political difficulties and it acquitted itself. During this period the city was governed by democratic laws and built the Palazzo Della Ragione as a seat to its political self-rule.Palazzio Della
  5. The old Milanese Visconti family who ruled the city from 1277 to 1447. The Visconti family brought a period of glory and wealth to the city and acknowledge by the surrounding cities Bergamo and Novara, Cremona, Como and Lodi, Piacenza, BresciaVisconti Family
  6. DUOMO was built-in 1386 under Visconti rule and became the symbol of the city Doumo Cathedral
  7. When the last Visconti Duke Filippo Maria died in 1447, Francesco Sforza his son-in-law assumed the castle and transformed to magnificent city into powerful metropolis, building among some other things the Castelo Sforza and Ospedale Maggiore (Ca Granda)Castello Sforza
  8. The Accademia Di Brera was founded in Habsburg dynasty the Theatre La Scala was built- in 1778 and the Arco Della Pace in 1807.Arco
  9. Milan was chosen as the economical and cultural capital of Italy. To celebrate its new free status a great number of grandiose building projects were undertaken, the construction of the great Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II.Galleria Vittorio Emmanuela II
  10. Central Station and La Triennale was under the post-war period  built-in 1919. Milan was destroyed and at the end of World war II Lombardy was instrumental in the boom that transformed Italy a relatively backward from an agricultural country to an industrial world leader. The city became a major financial center for commerce, publishing and presently media, design, and fashion.Central Station

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I went to Milan was an amazing adventure a road trip about 4 hours travel by car from Monaco and when we reached Albenga, traffic so fantastic that takes an hour waiting to move the car passed by from the traffic jam, and we continue our journey, since we already arrived in some cities of Italy next to Milan we lost our internet connection (My phone is France connection) which we rely the GPS direction to Milan, we stop in every corner of the streets and ask some Italian locals with our prospect  destination and we find a little difficulties in communication because we can’t speak Italian fluently which happens some locals can’t understand English, but life still beautiful( I’m a woman very optimistic) finally we find our way to Duomo Cathedral , and when the first time I saw the big ,beautiful, amazing Gothic Cathedral in front of my two eyes I can’t believe that was Milan!! I have mixed emotions on that time , to cry because I finally visited  Milan? or happy because I’m in Milan? I said to myself “This is one of my dream place to visit and now it happens” it was just only a dream and become a reality.

When I was young Milan Italy was just a dream, I never thought that one day I visited this country. My family can’t easily travel, in my case, it is an impossible dream because the problem of money and I belong to the third World passport and difficult going abroad more in Europe’s country. But nothing is impossible whatever your circumstances is if you follow your dreams by heart and this is my passion to discovering places and makes adventures. I follow the flow and experienced touring “Duomo Cathedral” the symbol of the city.  Life is a lot of surprises and adventures , unexpected moment that was wonderful.

You too can travel and visit your dream country perhaps Milan Italy is one of your dream place to go.

 Duomo Cathedral