The Grand Canal of Venice is the most spectacular ” high street” in the world. Venice was built to be appreciated from the water, and this tour is the best to appreciate the beautiful palaces that were constructed over hundreds of years and slowly made the Grand’ Canal what it is today. Discover all the beauty of a city built on water, why the poets and writers such as Shelley, Byron, and Browning loved this city, its sumptuos palaces and monumental buildings, churches, fascinating gardens, campi and campielli.

You can admire the magnificent palaces, White wide-ranging architectural styles  embrace the Byzantine, Florid Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque.


Discover Venice’s most unusual and characteristic corners during this charming walking. Experience a lesser-known Venice and let myself be lead through the labyrinth of alleysways, squares or “campi” and hear about the history, stories and the local Venetian dialect. Leaving Saint Mark’s square, I stop in front of the Fenice  Theatre and I admire the Novoli Staircase and the Rialto Bridge.

A visit to Venice is not complete unless you take a gondola sérénade down the world famous Grand Canal. Enjoy a relaxing evening cruising down many hidden canals so small I can literally touch the palazzas and breath in the  Italian culture all the while being cradied in the atmosphere unique only to Venice . Along the waterways you can have a  local musicians traditional romantic Italy music.


Discover one of the world’s most Majestic Cattedrals, a True master piece of Byzantine art, with beautiful gold mosaics and impressive marble in lay flooring, once the private chapel of gloriosi Doges. Discribe the biblical scenes represented and the history and particularities of this ancient Basilica. I Admired the Pala d’Oro with its thousands of gems and precious stones.


Immersing myself in Medieval Europe among the stuccoed halls and hundreds of masterpieces,  I amazed by the richness of detail of the Golden Staircase, reliving the anguish of prisoners crossing the famous Bridge of Sighs and entering the Venetian prison in which I can see how prisoners of the Most Serene Republic lived.


I intrigued by the fascinating history of “La Serenissima” and discover what it is like to live in this unique city. Walking around this open air museum take me to the external sights of Saint Marks Square, the Doge’s  Palace, the Sansovino’s library, the Bell Tower, the incredible legends of the Clock Tower and the Bridge of Sighs and it’s adjoining prisons.

I discovered the extraordinary architectural master pieces and why they were built that way. Learned how Venice lost out on the trade routes and when the New World was discovered, leaving Venice medieval forever.


Glide through centuries of history, allowing myself to be captivated by the glamour and elegance of the Venetian Palazzi. The perfect way to appreciate the beauty, charm and color of this unique city built on water, I enthralled by what surrounds me . Relax and enjoy the romantic tranquillity of the Serenissima, unlock the secrets of Venice and her intriguing labyrinth of Canals . Feel part of an ancient Venetian tradition and experience Venice as a locals have for more than a thousand years. Once upon a time the most noble and wealthy of families would have travelled around by GONDOLA. The slightly eccentric Peggy Guggenheim was the last person to have her own private gondola in the 1960’s.

On this unique exploration of the Venetian canals, unwind and relax into the gentie rhythms and movements of the Grand Canal, appreciating the skill involved in steering the gondola through the intricate waterways of the City. As I sit back and take in the views, I inevitably become involved in the friendly banter of the gondoliers, as much a part of Venetian cultures as the gondola itself. This charming tour taken me one step closer to the romantic façades of Venice and will enable me to understand what it was to be truly Venetian.


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