10 Things to do in Geneva Switzerland

Some of the places that you can visit in the city of Geneva for instance Café du Lys the bars in Rue de l’Ecole Médicine. A warm atmosphere, with couches at the back. You can feel at home in this bar. Offers some dishes for lunch. In other words, be it for lunch, for apéro or for a beer late at night,  In Carouge is a quiet and lovely district in Geneva. It is really worth it to go for a walk in those charming little streets, filled with terraces and small shops. Carouge originally belonged to the kingdom of Sardegna Italy in the 18th century, which explains the typical southern architecture. La Tavern loves beer and rock welcome to the La Tavern. Here, the atmosphere is simple and friendly, and you can discover music groups from Geneva playing in the basement. Librairie-Café Les Recyclables were more than 11,000-second handbooks in a tea room bookstore. Enjoy a cup of coffee while looking around for a good book. The Parc Mon Repos is located on the shores of the lake. In summer an open-air theater Cinétransat screens movies at night.


1.The Bains des Paquis at Quai du Mont-Blanc, Geneva 1200

The Bains des Paquis are very popular public baths, in the middle of Geneva bay. Built on a long jetty, you can swim in the lake on both sides. In winter you can enjoy a sauna, a Turkish bath or a hammam. A bar offers breakfast or a lunch meal.

2.Jet D’eau fountain at Quai Gustave-Ador 17, Geneva

Highest fountain of Switzerland. The Jet d’eau is the landmark of Geneva. The water fountain goes up 140 m high in the sky, with a 200km/h speed. Impressive, The jet d’eau is often illuminated at night and even colored on special occasions.

3.Saint-Pierre Cathedral at Place Bourg6Saint Pierre, 1204 Geneva


The Cathedral is the center of the old town and combines the architectural styles of Romanesque and Gothic. The construction of the church lasted for a century, from 1150 until 1250, from 1535 the church has been dedicated to protestant religion.

4. Mur des Réformateurs at Prom des Bastions 1, 1205 Genève, Suisse

In Bastions, parc is one of the most important monuments of Geneva. The wall commemorates the Protestant Reformation, with 4 important figures of this movement and their statues. Guillaume Farel, Jean Calvin, Théodore de Bèze and John Knox. Jean Calvin is an iconic man for Geneva’s protestant history, and one of the most famous theologians of the Protestant Reformation. Behind the statues is written Geneva’s motto.” Post-Tenebras Lux” meaning after the darkness comes the light.

5. Palais des Nations (UN) at Palais des Nations, 1202 Genève, Suisse

The United Nations Office. Built-in 1936, the building has been originally used as the headquarters of the League of Nations until its dissolution. The UN has been using the rooms since its creation onwards. It’s a place where negotiations for peace take place, making it an emblem for International Geneva. Guided tours of the building are available, with amongst others the Human Rights room, the Assembly Hall, and the Salle des Pas perdus. A reservation is compulsory for groups of more than 15 people. Don’t forget an I.D.

6.Bourg-de-Four square at Rue de l’Hotel-de-Ville, 1204 Geneva

The Bourg-de-Four square is the heart of Geneva’s Old town and is full of charm. Around the fountain, the terraces become lively in the summer. The Bourg-de-Four square was a marketplace at the time.


7. Parc des Eaux-Vives, 1207 Genève

One of the most beautiful parks in Geneva, especially in spring with all the flowerbeds. The park is indeed famous for its gigantic conifers and its rhododendron and azalea flowerbeds. A big lawn gently goes up a slope towards a magnificent house built around 1750. The view on the lake is tremendous.

8. Flower clock

A huge clock made of flowers. Made of 8 watch faces, with the biggest with a 2.5 meters second hand.The flower clock is located in the Jardin Anglais and the flower design is changed four times a year.

9.Place de Neuve, 1204 Genève, Suisse

The Place de Neuve is one of the main squares in Geneva, it gathers the Grand Theatre, the academy of music and the entrance to the Bastions park. On the Place de Neuve was the only door that gave access to the city the actual Old Town since the second half of the 16th century. Instead of the door, the statue of the lieutenant-general Dufour on his horse stands today in the middle of the square, the lieutenant general Dufour lived in Geneva in the 19th century and is a figure of the Sonderbund war, which preceded the creation of the Swiss Confederation in 1848. He also took part in the development of the Red Cross, founded by Henri Dunant, another man from Geneva.

10. Salève Mountain at 74160 Beaumont France

The Salève is a mountain located in the Pre-Alps, in the Haute-Savoie department France. It is also called the” balcony of Geneva”, since the view on Geneva is incredible to go up there, you can either climb the mountain on foot if you are brave enough and you have enough time. Otherwise,  you can take the cable car. To find it, cross the border and follow the signs from the bus 8 terminal Veyrier-Doune.

You can bring back some of the souvenirs from Geneva like chocolate you can’t leave Geneva without swiss chocolate. The famous swatch colorful swiss watch they are affordable you can find any design and any color. The swiss army knife is the best known and best-selling pocket knife in Switzerland.  Now you have an idea about your next visit to Geneva Switzerland a Bientot !!!