The lemon party is making “Bollywood movies”, the biggest celebration organized in Menton is set this year to Indian time. Focus on the animations in the program of this 85th edition.

Let the party started for the trilogy, film industry and musical comedy to end in style. After “Cinecitta” and then “Broadway in previous years, the 85th “Lemon Festival” is set to Indian time, from February 17 to March 4, 2018, with celebrations turned this time to “Bollywood” one of the temples of the 7th art, located in Bombay(formerly Mumbai).And now produces three times more films than his Hollywood sister.

History has it, that the Indians discovered the cinema in 1896. Through projection at the Watson Hotel in Bombay, six short films by the Lumiere brothers.

In the presence of this continent for the movies went to draw on the sources even of the cinema.To the point that one of the first Indians works made by an Indian would date for 1899. Even the first film affiliated with “Bollywood” would more probably back to 1913.

20 Days to celebrate fantasy India

Almost a hundred years later. Menton pays tribute to this highly codified art, as well as the essential characters of Indian culture. The duties of course:

“Shiva”,” Buddha” and other Ganesh. The historical characters also such as “Johaa and Akbar” sorts of” Indian Romeo and Juliet”.

Or why not a representative of the “Maharajahs” as well as animals referring to life sometimes fantasized Indian:Menton Festival

“Peacock”,” Monkeys”, “Elephant”, and “Snake”.

Not to mention the iconic monuments like the” Taj Mahal”. In other words, the whole world of “Bollywood” will be shelled and honored during the twenty days of celebration.

Between the evocation of the sources of inspiration of this cinema industry, today exported to the whole world and any other element of the discovery of another culture.

The refined culture that the citrus motifs will evoke with subtlety. While the street performances that accompany the event each year will allow diving a little into the frenetic atmosphere that only Mumbai, one of the most populous cities in the world can offer.

To stick perfectly to the theme, the city of Menton will naturally have to use the same ingredients as those necessary for the realization of a good “Bollywood ” comedy; energy, rhythm, beauty, the sacred. Dance and singing, which give these films a special charm.

The colors, of course, that lemons and oranges come from Spain will come up. And that “Holi Party”(traditional feast colors) will fly in the atmosphere mentonnaise.

Menton will obviously not have more to add to the recipe a zest of kitsch. Lemon on the cake!

Organizers and the public may well take a definite liking to the cinematographic theme to the point of not wanting to abandon it once the trilogy is over.

However, in front of the United States, there is also Nigeria and his “Bollywood”.




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