Fall in love with Florence from a different perspective from the top sitting comfortably on one of my itineraries, I visited Piazzale  Michelangelo with its amazing view over the City. You’ll get your personal postcard of Florence and always remember how magnificent the Rinascimental City looked like.


Then continuing to Fiesole, the wonderful town of Etruscan and Roman roots situated on a hilltop overlooking Florence. This is an awesome place to get some great skyline pictures.


During my tour (always get lost) I see lesser-known suburban areas that are hard to reach on foot but of artistic and historic interest.http://chameriamtraveler.com/my-journey-in-florence-italy

Then I headed backed to the Center of Florence by bus where I visited one of the most famous museums in the world, the Accademia Gallery. Get the chance to have closed encounters with timeless works of art. To learn why David is the most recognizable symbol of Florence and what it used to represent in his time. How did the genius of Michelangelo meet the challenge of extracting the pathos of a being and fixing it forever in time in the”La Pietà di Palestrina of San Mateo”,  the unfinished works of arts Prigoni” and other masterpieces by the great artist of the famous Prisoners who still seem to struggle free from their marble blocks and to get the inside story of the life and times of this consummate artist is a chance once in my lifetime. I have my free time to wander around on my own. To recognized original world-famous paintings I have seen in books, magazines, and on TV close-ups.http://chameriamtraveler.com/chameriamtraveler.com/florence-italy

My second walking tour starts in the early afternoon in which I want to know all the facts and secrets of two thousand years of Florentine history, from the city’s Roman origins to a 15th-century palace, from the Piazza Signoria heart of the city’s social life, to admire the architecture of Palazzo Vecchio and the famous statue of “Loggia De Lanzi ”

through Ponte Vecchio famous for its jewelry shops, then walk through the wings of the  famous Uffizi Gallery, to the wonders of the architecture of Brunelleschi’s Dome which overlooks the Baptistery golden “Gates of Paradise”.


Duomo restoration workshops take a step back into the past to the ancient workshop of the Cathedral. Discover the place where the greatest artist of the past worked and where Michelangelo himself carved the world-famous statue of David. The laboratory is still in use today and many craftsmen dedicated their passion and professionalism to preserve and restore the Duomo Complex’s priceless heritage, using the same tools and techniques of the tradition.

Allow me a close encounter with this fascinating city, understanding and appreciating the background and context, its importance in history.

Uffizi Gallery

Where I can stand and admire the unique Renaissance masterpieces of the great Italian artist Leonardo Giotto, Michelangelo, Botticelli, Raphaël. You can stay inside the museum as long as you please yourself.http://chameriamtraveler.com/my-journey-in-florence-italy

Thanks to a wonderful woman, Anna Maria Luisa De Medici, this incredible collection of networks that originally belonged to the mostpowerful dynasty of the City, is nowadays open to visitors from all over the world. This is a unique experience for those who want to immerse themselves in Florence’s artistic background and history.

The museum is huge I admired all the main masterpieces and, what is more, to understand the development of Italian art during the centuries.http://chameriamtraveler.com/my-journey-in-florence-italy

Starting from “Giotto” and “Masaccio”, the Real innovators of history, an exciting celebration of beauty, admiring such masterpieces as “Botticelli’s Birth of Venus”, “Leonardo’s Annunciation and “Michelangelo’s Tondo Doni”, to name a few. Stopping from time to time to take in the breathtaking sights of Florence that I can admire from the panoramic windows and terraces of the museum.

Accademia Gallery

During my vacation in Florence I don’t miss out on meeting one of the most famous and electric artists in the world; Michelangelo to reveal the secrets and creation of Michelangelo’s world-renowned masterpieces, such as the original version of David, I Prigioni, and San Matteo. The museum was built in 1784 and it was conceived as a real shrine devoted to the preservation of the Symbol of Florence.

This visit is a must and will be a discovery for anyone interested in Michelangelo, some interesting facts about the tormented life of the Tuscan artist, who was not only a sculpture but also a painter, an architect, and a sensitive poet.

However, his genius matched his restlessness his whole life was marked by the continuous struggle between form and content, between his religious devotion and his personal hidden desires. This inner conflict perfectly exemplified by the use of his technique, the world-famous “Non-Finito”, where an apparent incomplete sculpture seems to literally come out of the block of marble as if it was always there. An authentic struggle between form and content brought into life.

Doumo Tour and Brunelleschi’s Cupola

An exclusive and never-seen-before perspective enjoying Florence cityscape from Duomo’s 32 meters High “Terraces ” and climb up to the top of the Dome! Do not miss the chance to take a closer look at the incrédule “Brunelleschi Cupola”, a masterpiece of art and architecture that still remains unmatched and whose techniques of building are covered with a Veil of mystery.     

An unmissable opportunity to visit this top attraction which is often fully blocked due to its unparalleled beauty and allure. The first stage of this enlightening activity is a fascinating guided overview of amazing handcrafted replicas of the original tools used in the construction of the Cupola.

Climb the “Northern Terrace” of the “Cathedral Rooftop”, a suggestive walk through narrow and open-air corridors that have been closed to the public for centuries. The panorama from up there will take your breath away!

A worthwhile experience, a full immersion in Florence’s artistic treasures, its greatest museums, hills, and the foods.


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