Top 10 Attractions in Lyon

1. The Old City or Vieux Lyon

Is the largest Renaissance district of Lyon in the 5th arrondissement. Its current organization, with narrow streets, mainly parallel to the river, dates back to the Middle Ages. The buildings were erected between the 15th and the 17th centuries, notably by wealthy Italian, Flemish and German merchants who settled in Lyon where four fairs were held each year. At that time, the buildings of Lyon were said to be the highest in Europe. The area was entirely refurbished in the 1980s and 1990s. It now offers the visitor colorful, narrow cobblestone streets; there are some interesting craftsmen’s shops but also many tourist traps.

2. Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon

Is located in the Abbey of St. Pierre-Les-Nonnaine better known as Palais St. Pierre. The museum presents a beautiful collection of paintings but also a large collection of objects from antiquity.

3. Amphitheatre of the Three Gauls

Is an element of the Three Gauls Federal Shrine erected in 12 BC . Dedicated to the worship of Roma and Augustus. It is the oldest Roman amphitheater in France.

4. Lyon Cathedral or Cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Lyon

The primatiale St. Jean Baptiste and St. Etienne is the épiscopal seat of the archdiocese of Lyon. The choir is particularly remarquable for its finese.In the left brace an astronomical Glock dating from the fourteenth Century présents à game of automation and the rooster.

5. Parc de la Tète d’Or

Completed in 1862, this 105-hectare English-style garden is one of the largest and arguably one of the most beautiful urban parks in France. It is a popular place for families as well as joggers. The highlights of the park include the large greenhouses, the botanical garden, the rose garden, and the recently added “African plain” in which animals wander in a natural-style environment perfect for children.

6. Place Bellecour

This square dominantes by the Basilique de Fourviere is the symbol of the City of Lyon. Surrounded  by building withvsymmetrical façades of Louis XVI style, its center the equestrian statue of Louis XIV.

7. Musée des Confluences

The Museum of history, anthropology, societes and civilizations. Inagurated 2014 this museum located at the Confluence of the Rhône and Saone is an architectural symbol of the City.

8. The Basilica of Notre Dame Fourviere Lyon

The Basilica of Notre Dame is one of the most remarkable landmarks of Lyon. Its architecture is a curious mixture of Byzantine and medieval éléments. Climb the 260 steps of the Basilica observatory tower to admire the circular panorama of the City of Lyon.

9. Bouchons Lyonnaise

Lyon cuisine is reowned for its gastronomy typically where you can est specialties such as quenelles, cant brains, Lyon salad, or sapper apron.  Authentic “Bouchons “means the cork.

10. Opéra

Located opposite the Town Hall, place of comes the old Opéra house built in 1831 was completely restructurer between 1989 and 1993 by Jean Nouvel. This one has kept of the old opera only the four facade sand in the heart of the public.