With its world-famous Boulevard de la Croisette, Cannes is one of the most glamorous resorts on the French Riviera. The red cliffs of Esterel rise steeply to the west, while the Lérins islands are located offshore. Since 1834 a whole host of famous personalities has helped to establish the city’s reputation.http://chameriamtraveler.com/weekened-in-cannes-france In the past, the aristocracy would spend the winter here; nowadays celebrities flock here during the film festival, which is one of the most important events in the cinema world. Places to explore and visit during your weekend in Cannes.

1.Le Suquet old Quarterhttp://chameriamtraveler.com/weekend-in-cannes-france

This is Canne’s old quarter, built on a rocky spur overlooking the sea, and a far cry from the sequins and glitz of La Croisette. http://chameriamtraveler.com/weekend-in-cannes-franceWith its old houses, winding alleys, Chàteau de Cannes and working-class atmosphere, this district is a fine example of the real Provence.

2.Musée de la Castre

A fabulous collection of musical instruments and rooms displaying art from the Near East, Oceania, and pre-Columbian America. http://chameriamtraveler.com/weekend-in-cannes-franceThis museum was founded a year before the museum of mankind ( Musée de l’Homme) in Paris after distant expeditions were undertaken by learned adventures in the 19C. The rooms also feature some delightful Orientalist paintings. The view from the top of the square tower is unrivaled.

3.Island St-Honorat/Sainte-Marguerite


This island is a private estate owned by the monastery and is partly covered by beautiful pine, eucalyptus, and cypress forest. http://chameriamtraveler.com/weekend-in-cannes-franceThe current monastery and church date from the 19C. Visitors are permitted to explore this peaceful island on foot. http://chameriamtraveler.com/weekend-in-cannes-france I visited this island by kayak from Cannes Palm Beach all the way straight to the island for about 45 minutes. The island bears the name of the founder of the monastery of Lérins, Saint Honoratus. It was founded around the year 410.http://chameriamtraveler.com/weekened-in-cannes-france It is in this monastery that Saint Porcarius lived and probably was killed during an invasion by Saracens. According to tradition, Saint Patrick, patron of Ireland study there. http://chameriamtraveler.com/weekend-in-cannes-franceThe island Sainte-Marguerite held a fortress where the Man in the Iron Mask was held captive for a time.

4.Chemin des étoiles

The handprints of great film stars are captured in the paving stone.http://chameriamtraveler.com/weekend-in-cannes-france

5.Strolling Boulevard de la Croisettehttp://chameriamtraveler.com/weekend-in-cannes-france

Experience the glamour of Cannes by walking around the famous Croisette.http://chameriamtraveler.com/weekend-in-cannes-france Marvel the panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and monuments such as the Palais des Festival. http://chameriamtraveler.com/weekend-in-cannes-franceDiscover thousands of roses in a public park.http://chameriamtraveler.com/weekend-in-cannes-france

6. Taking pictures on the red carpet of Palais des Festival


The Palais des Festivals et des Congrès is a convention center in Cannes, France, the venue for the Cannes Film Festival and the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. The building opened in 1982. As you can see on the TV at the famous movie festival it must be the most photographed place in town and you can find your favorite film stars handprint on the floor.

7.Marché Forvillehttp://chameriamtraveler.com/weekend-incannes-france

Local produce and flowers are the focus of this indoor market that also sells kinds of seafood, cheese and it’s my favorite breakfast hangouts during market surrounds are small cafes and a great selection of fresh fruits and vegetables.http://chameriamtraveler.com/weekend-in-cannes-france

8.Walk around Rue Meynadierhttp://chameriamtraveler.com/weekend-in-cannes-france

Great old Cannes shopping nice little street to walk if it’s the offseason, then it’s not very crowded and you can enjoy the sights without worry. Fun place to walk around.

9.Experienced the Croisette beach of Canneshttp://chameriamtraveler.com/weekend-in-cannes-france

Cannes best-known attraction. Great for a weekend stroll by the sea and a fashionable beach with chairs along with public stretches of sand.

10.Visit Estérel mountains

This low-lying, ravined mountain range extends to the sea with promontories, deep creeks, headlands, and beaches. Its fire-red colors form a striking contrast with the indigo blue of the Mediterranean. The Corniche d’Or coastal road running between Cannes and St.-Raphael is a great way of exploring the area. Mandelieu-la-Napoule, the mimosa capital, Pointe de l’Observatoire headlands and the small resorts of Anthéor, Agay and Boulouris make pleasant stops along the way.

11.Strolling Rue d’Antibes

In the center of Cannes and this street is in line with shops for shopping. This street downtown was the old national road that connected Cannes to Antibes, has always welcome a multitude of shops. The world’s leading ready-to-wear brands are represented and easily accessible by the bus network or the many car parks that line it. Connected very regularly to the Croissette, close to the Palais des Festivals and Congrès, it is the essential artery of Cannes if you want to go shopping.http://chameriamtraveler.com/weekend-in-cannes-france


In the 19th century, the Riviera was the flavored destination of Europe’s crowned heads (Napoleon III, Queen Victoria, and the Tsar) who flocked to Cannes, Nice and Monte Carlo in Winter. http://chameriamtraveler.com/weekend-in-cannes-franceThey were captivated by the mild weather and special light here, as well as the Mimosa trees, imported from Australia in 1839, which add splashes of color to the landscape in the Tanneron and Esterel massifs near Cannes.

Train station of Cannes

Beach at Boulevard Croissette


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